Thursday, January 27, 2011

The next great education event is here... cont...

"Karen Hunter is the Owner of Karen Hunter Photography ( established in 2005 ) in Stonewall, Manitoba. She specializes in Newborn and Child Portrait Photography. Karen left her 10 year career as a flight attendant at Air Canada in 2008 and has been shooting full time ever since. Her formal training includes classes at Prairie View and various seminars in Canada and the United States, including one with Ann Monteith in 2010. Her newborn work is on display in the Labour and Delivery ward at St. Boniface hospital in Winnipeg Manitoba. To date, she has photographed over 200 newborns and nearly 600 children."

Carving Out Your Niche in a Saturated Market: Everyone and her grandmother has a digital camera and is a "Child Photographer" - how to set your self apart
Working with Newborns, Babies, Toddlers & Children - Putting the child, and parents, at ease while creating beautiful images
Creating a recognizable Brand - Marketing pieces and selling the "Experience"
Optimizing Online sales when projecting is not a possibility